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Metroid for NES, finished on console in 15:43.9 (15:36.2 from control of Samus) on March 16 2013 by Chris 'cak' Knight. Verified by Speed Demos Archive: http://forum.speeddemosarchive.com/post/metroid__april_15th_2013.html . Please read the FAQ (click "Show more") before asking questions. Thanks for watching!

Q: Are you sure this is the world record? I thought I saw a faster time posted somewhere.
A: This is the fastest known time in the "any% glitchless" category. However, there are other, faster categories. "Any% glitched" uses the door glitch to skip bombs, and "any% Up+A" also uses a teleport code to avoid backtracking in the game.

Q: How did you suddenly obtain 75 missiles?
A: By defeating Kraid.

Q: Was this played on emulator or tool-assisted in any way?
A: No. This video was verified to be authentic by Speed Demos Archive, a website which only accepts videos played on intended hardware in real time without cheats.

Q: How did you record this?
A: VCR + DVD + Anrichan software

Q: Why did Samus briefly disappear in some places?
A: When Samus is hit by an enemy or rides an elevator, she flickers (disappears and reappears) at a rate of 60.1 fps. Youtube's video rate is less than half that, so instead of flickering, it looks like Samus is either solid or disappears altogether. If you don't believe me, you are welcome to download a higher quality version of the video at http://speeddemosarchive.com/Metroid.html#1boss

Q: How did you shoot so fast? Did you use turbo?
A: Hold "B" and tap "Select". This doesn't work as well when you have missiles.

Q: You skipped Ridley...how?
A: You don't have to defeat both minibosses to enter Tourian (final area of the game), you just have to get across the lava pit in the statue room. There is another way to do it besides shooting the statues to make the bridge appear. Start the video at 12:30 to see what I mean.

Q: How did you calculate the video time?
A: 15:43.9 from pressing start at title screen to losing character control at final elevator in Tourian.

Q: You jumped in mid-air in the Mother Brain room/elsewhere. What's up with that?
A: That is a little known technique called "morph jump". You morph into a ball, roll off a cliff, then unmorph and jump while still in mid-air. It only works if Samus isn't moving forward/backward after unmorphing.

Q: How many missiles are needed to clear the Mother Brain room?
A: 40 to destroy the Zebetites (forcefields) and 33 to defeat Mother Brain.

Q: Why didn't you use Up+A code/death abuse/door glitch/etc.?
A: Because I felt that those techniques took away from the fun factor, and many people wouldn't enjoy watching a speedrun containing them. Basically, this was intended to be a glitch-free speedrun.

Q: But isn't morph jumping a glitch? What about Select mashing?
A: Technically-speaking, no one knows except the programmers. However, it was decided years ago by Twin Galaxies and Speed Demos Archive that those strategies were acceptable for the glitchless any% category. As a result, every Metroid speedrunner in the world uses them, regardless of category.