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  • 12 months ago
The link to the level: http://bin.smwcentral.net/u/1250/Subterranean%2BCanal.zip

Music: Jazz Jackrabbit - Medivo

(boring long text)

If you think you're watching this too early(even before the contest is over), you're right. I'm uploading this video in advance because I will be excluded from internet or electronic devices for a long time.

From what I experienced from the last contest, I decided to make a shorter level. Maybe this one is 50% shorter than Cavern of Pandora. Still, it is quite challenging and evil.

The level is about the level of water surface and such. Sometimes you need to control the height to progress.

There's a behind story regarding BGM. I thought of creating a new port for this level instead of just using an old one, and I actually made it. But it seemed greater for the port to be used for final level. It's quite difficult to make a song for the final you know. And the musical space of SNES(65kb) didn't allow the song to include some SFX samples, which results in requiring some ASM to handle it. So I decided to use the song in that collab. You will hear the song later.

If the level weren't constrained by the vanilla rules, I would have made the level longer with some extra midpoints. Maybe I will remake the level for another use someday.
Secondly I wanted to insert the third message box to explain how to deal with the fast smashing water(3:52) in detail, if I was allowed to use non-vanilla stuffs. Due to the constraint I just put some words like RHYTHM or UP+B (which is what you have to press so you can move to the upper water when the layer 2 is about to smash.)

Probably I have to mention things from which I was inspired:
- Super Marina World : the rise of spiny balls thrown by lakitu in water
- VLDC7 - One Sunday Morning (by Morsel) or Zip-Line Adventure (by Sokobansolver) : tile 1F0 preserving X speed of sprites
- also VLDC7 - Green Muncher Land (by natnew) : star blocks as an alphabet
- self-inspired from one level I made for JUMP. I'm not revealing this yet.
A level made by anonymousbl00dlust (http://youtu.be/utZ7G2sQ1M4) is also a notable one. Although it's a bit different from this level(in aspect of the obstacle's function), possibly I was unconsciously inspired by it.